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a road that bring to a village

Manuel Rolando

Co-founder & CTO

Chief Technical Officer

Moses Jimba

Ifakara Office Director

Damian Kyaduma

Chief Operating Officer

George Mtemahanji

Co-Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Officer


Khatimu Suleiman

SunSweet Solar Agent

Japhet Lupenza

Technicians Manager


SunSweet Solar Limited is a solar photovoltaic company based in Tanzania. We designs and installs Solar Off-Grid Systems, Solar Mini and Micro Grid Systems. With a high knowledge in photovoltaic systems, we offer in East Africa high quality solutions with the latest technology. Our company is specialized in providing high quality services in rural areas, and our systems are created to satisfy the energy needs of our customers who are not connected to the national grid or who have continuing problems with electrical blackouts.

office coordinator
the CEO
the CTO
marketing operator
technician 2
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