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RuDEK has the capacity to satisfy the entire energy demand of a dispensary for 24/7 for more than 25 years. And during this time it can remove from the environment more than 22,813 kg of Co2.


Complete kit with solar modules, solar batteries and cables for wiring system.

Weathering and Vandalism Insurance.

Cost only $1.39 for every 5,000 people benefited by



In Africa often you can find only one hospital in an area three times bigger than Switzerland. In a reality like this, the dispensaries are very important because they are the only medical facilities that can provide medical services and first aid to people in rural areas. But many of these dispensaries do not have electricity, a problem that in addition to not run the dispensary during the night, it forcing people to walk for dozens of kilometers to receive health services. Many pregnant women are forced to walk for kilometers, with the risk of giving birth during the journey, only to receive their right to give birth in a safe medical facility. 

To resolve this problem, we at Sunsweet with the collaboration of Kilombero District Council, we have designed a solar photovoltaic system with the capacity to satisfy the entire energy demand of a dispensary for 24/7 for more than 25 years, called RuDEK (Rural Dispensary Energy Kit). With the capacity to store the energy needed by the the dispensary in less than 3 hours, the RuDEK can give complete power to the dispensary also during the rainy seasons. Thanks to this system more people now will receive high quality health services. Women will no longer be forced to give birth by candlelight, the children will receive regular vaccination, and medicines will be stored in the dispensary's freezer. 

Our company in cooperation with our social partner Pamoja - Zusammen für Bildung in Tanzania, we have started a fundraising and awareness campaign with the aim to electrify all dispensaries in rural areas of Tanzania.

rural dispensary energy kit

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